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We are excited to announce the Call for Speakers for Playtopia’s Conference and Festival, where we celebrate the creativity and innovation of independent game developers. This event brings together industry professionals, aspiring developers, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, insights, and experiences in the world of indie games.

We are seeking passionate individuals to deliver captivating and informative talks that explore various aspects of game development, design, storytelling, and the indie game industry as a whole. Whether you have valuable insights to share, lessons learned from your own indie game projects, or expertise in a particular area, we encourage you to submit your proposal for consideration.

We are accepting two types of talk submissions:

Hyper talks – 5 minutes:
These rapid fire talks are designed to share or explore radical ideas in short, highly-engaging bursts.

Standard talks – 20 minutes:
Our standard slot for speakers will be slots with a maximum duration of 20 minutes. These slots will also allow for an additional 5 minutes of Q and A after the 20 minute talk.

Talk Topics

We welcome talks around topics that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Game Design and Mechanics
  2. Art and Visual Design
  3. Sound Design and Music
  4. Narrative and Storytelling
  5. The Business of Indie Game Development
  6. Marketing and Promotion
  7. Accessibility and Inclusivity
  8. Emerging Technologies and Trends

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please submit your talk for consideration at the link below.
  2. You may submit multiple topics, but each should be submitted as a separate entry.
  3. Accepted speakers will be notified via email by end-September.

Proposals should be submitted by Friday, 30th of August 2024.

Join us in celebrating the passion, creativity, and artistry of indie game development!

For any inquiries or further information, please contact